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Want to steer in the right direction? We navigate the business to the best route of development, growth and expansion into new markets. Leave your details and we will contact you for a non-binding call.

Challenging markets

In our International portfolio we know how to open the following markets: Brazil, Kingdom of Cambodia, Greece, Italy, El Salvador, Angola, South Africa, Slovakia, USA & Switzerland.

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Organizational innovation

Among other things, we do: We help companies and organizations deal with the most significant growth challenges.
IPB helps entrepreneurs, companies and organizations become creative in their own right ... who can leverage innovation to accelerate their future growth and lead their markets.
We develop, execute and create new ideas and solutions to meet the demands of growing the business in the market place.

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Accompanying & Consulting entrepreneurs

We assist entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to achieve their goals.
We help investors, venture capital funds and investment houses evaluate the  target of the investment correctly.

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Scouting business opportunities & technology

We conduct a search through our StartWize network, exchanging information between our local business ambassadors.
Business intelligence is part of the exam process so far we have analyzed more than 2,000 start-ups and emerging technologies.

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About Us

Integritas people and businesses, team work, consulting and management for the development of local and international business. Integrates believes in active activity together with initiative and innovation as tools to grow and advance in the business arena. We love what we do and enjoy new challenges before us. We identify barriers, characteristics, sites, discover, and then build, assemble, and provide the most appropriate tools and do not rest till all the parts make up the recipe for success! Our uniqueness lies in our personal service, our commitment, our creativity and our ability to connect people. The seal we leave is of professionalism, integrity, originality, creativity, with full cooperation and commitment for results. Our expertise, lies together with experience and networking in Israel and abroad, this is the foundations of our success. We invite you, to be part of it.




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