Consultancy and accompaniment of the entrepreneur at the product development stage and / or its introduction into the local and international market, product / service exposure, branding, differentiation, market research and adaptation to target markets, locating business partners, negotiations and accompaniment of the project until realization.
Integritas currently accompanies a number of entrepreneurs in Israel and serves as a business mentor, serving as an external arm in terms of expansion and exposure to potential investors.
IPB offers similar service in Europe, through its business partners.
As part of its business in the area of entrepreneurship consulting and integrators, IPB has established a HUB center in Greece, which serves as a home for entrepreneurs and self-employed in various fields.
The company accompanies the entrepreneurs and provides them with office services, consulting and business development and accompanies them in the process of business growth. Through its experience and business relationships Integritas  opens up opportunities for exposure to the global world.
In this framework, IPB cooperates with Israeli entrepreneurs and investors, as well as with professionals and experts who are exposed to innovative projects, some are mentors and professional consultants.