Integritas People & Business (IPB) is like a node of converge diverse business opportunities
in Israel and abroad, income-producing projects, commercial ventures in a variety of areas,
one-time transactions, ongoing transactions or short-term contracts,commercial partnerships
in Israel and abroad and business ventures.

Meticulous execution every business opportunity

IPB working to be sure that any investment or cooperation will be incorporated in the
agreement signed by the investor facing company

Accompanying the process of examining the transaction feasibility
familiarity with the company and the project managers.We organizing meetings in Israel 
and abroad as necessary, assistance in preparing all the material required knowledge 
of the business project in its entirety before deciding that the entry into the enterprise / transaction.

Counseling and mediation before and during the project
We as IPB team, study the project / initiative is brought to us, looking into the feasibility and feasibility
of the destination market and give our conclusions with the customer be interested in highlighting
points that we find it necessary to give them attention. We are working for a client in front of the other,
and the local realtors for business in his own language

Business opportunities in the country and abroad
IPB wide range of business vision, extensive experience with projects in Israel and abroad,
familiarity with the local market in many countries and multiple business relationships
as well
as the business culture.
These tools, allow us at IPB to provide a wide range of business
opportunities and harness these benefits for the project, the business / project and translate them into success.