Introduction - Management of the Innovation Authority

We have endeavored to create a professional and interesting document that will serve as a focal point for decision makers, industry and those in Israel and abroad, who are interested in Israeli innovation at the local level, and worldwide . As part of this report, we are proud to present the achievements of the Innovation Authority during 2018. The ISA, which is entering its third year of operations following the transition from the Office of the Chief Scientist, is in the midst of increased activity, which is aimed at implementing the five-year plan. The State of Israel faces significant innovation challenges at a time when artificial intelligence is based on the central technological platform of our generation. In recent years, many resource-rich countries have realized the power of innovation as the key to economic growth and invested huge sums in innovation and research. These challenges will be at the center of the innovation industry's activities in the coming years. Extensive cooperation is needed to ensure Israel's leading position in the global innovation competition and to increase the economic and social impact of Israel's innovation activity. In 2018, the Innovation Authority strengthened its cooperation with a variety of government departments responsible for the major sectors of the Israeli economy, and we intend to continue working toward this goal in the coming years. We would like to thank the IAA's Strategy and Economics Division for preparing and preparing the report, and we thank all PA employees and members of the Authority for their dedicated and creative work during 2018. We welcome the Authority for the many achievements that have characterized the past year. Together with us in 2019 in order to promote Israeli innovation and expand its influence on the Israeli economy.

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