Planning and organization of visits includes: early preparation,  background material, goals, Initial contact between the customer and the relevant business entity.

As part of the service, Integritas plans and accompanies the visit personally, with meticulous attention to the visitor's culture.

Business Visits  include:
For R & D companies from abroad who specialize in joint projects for the  European Union funds, a visit is planned, which includes connection to relevant companies in Israel,
information about conferences in the  specific areas of interest.
First visit to a public company from Europe, including private investors to leverage renewable energy projects.
A group of Mexican companies interested in locating start-ups in certain areas, for whom a visit and professional meetings were organized, including preparation of the content for a visit,
data analysis, preliminary meetings, transportation, accommodation and the touristic  part of visiting Israel.
Preparation and organization Visit to the CEO of a communications group Leads from Latin America to identify business opportunities relevant to the Group for possible investment.
In addition, IPB also offers services in other countries assisted by local business partners.
Business  visits have been planned for Israeli companies in Greece, Mexico, Germany and more.

Integritas is your solution  for your business challenges.