Consulting and Business Development - collection, analysis, and data processing.
Setting growth targets based on the data. Construction of enterprise strategy tailored to the
needs of the company and guided by the Company's values
Business Strategies - built in the process encompassing all areas of the company on its 
different sectors: manufacturing, marketing, sales, service organization and the personnel 
in front of the external factors influencing. 
Escort Projects - Project management and support short-and long-term, in Israel and abroad.
Exposure of products / services, branding, differentiation, market studies to examine the feasibility
target markets, negotiation, preparation and support. 
Locating projects in Israel and abroad –We have strategic partners in many countries and in
many fields of public and private sector, experts in their field and have extensive experience working 
with private businesses, versus commercial and various government agencies. 
Trainings and Workshops - on organizational behavior, implementing processes / policies / procedures
in the organization. Lectures in different subjects: human relations and interpersonal communication,
project management and integration of information and content in the business world,
executives and thought leaders in business, intellectual property. 
Business tourism – We build a plan for a business visits and business visitors, in Israel and abroad,
including schedule business meetings with relevant partners.