To offer, provide and implement business processes for the welfare and development of the organization’s success in business and organizational level.

Generating commercial contracts between various parties in the local and international markets and to implement growth engines for the organization profitability and usefulness.

We operates transparently.
With you. not just for you.


Business Development


Corporate Innovation

Innovation Scouting


Technology and Innovation Eco-system,

FoodTech, AgriTech, Aquaculture,

Life Style,

Cyber, HLS,

Healthcare Services, MedTech,




Traditional Industry


  • Maximizing sales (not just initial sales)
  • Identifying Growth Drivers
  • Selecting strategic customers and partners or company fit-in local partners
  • “Mine clearance” – Cautiously
  • Identifying growth engines
  • Positioning the organization marketing language with a focus on diverse business cultures
  • Positioning the organization and its suitability with a focus on changes required to achieve the core objectives
  • Long-term relationships

Integritas People & Business (IP&B), provides business development and B2B matching consultancy services helping your businesses grow:

Our expertise lies in:

Connecting People, Companies and Deal Makers

International Business Development

Corporate Innovation Advisory

Bringing Forward Potential Investors, Private Equity & Governmental Investment Funds

Bridging Cultural Differences

Creating Partnerships with Locals in Europe, Russia, US, South Africa, Brazil, India, Mexico and UAE

Various Investments Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry, Traditional Industry, Healthcare Services, Commercial and Tourism Real Estate and in the Logistics Industry

Israeli Startups and Hi-Tech Eco-system

Business Opportunities | Market Research | Start-ups Eco-system Partnership | Joint Ventures | Business Delegations | Soft Roadshows


Scouting Office

We all share a common goal: to be the first to find the next best idea.

IP&B offers a unique combination of scouting, consulting and creativity required in a competitive market and meeting market demands.

In a competitive world, in which companies rise and fall based on their technological leadership, many companies have realized that they must open their doors to new, original and out-of the-box innovations that are often developed far away from their offices.

Many Israeli scouting and innovation canters focus on finding promising early-stage start-ups. Early identification allows the corporation to shape the start-up or the technological direction according to its needs while keeping an open eye on its potential future acquisition.

Furthermore, MNCs’ scouting centers allow them to acquire an organic team with proven experience and success. This marks another advantage of scouting centers: often it’s easier to establish an R&D center in Israel through an acquisition rather than from scratch.

Companies conduct scouting activities based on their unique means and ends.